Randy Herman
Marriage and Family Therapist


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Anger getting the best of you? Worry? Despair?  Not doing what you were born to do?  Having the same ol' fight again?  And again?  Not feeling heard? Finding that romance and sexual intimacy are a distant memory? 

Collaborating on issues like these with someone who continually works to "get" you can bring you a sense of relief and provide lasting solutions.  In fact, it can save your life and the lives of your relationships. 

But being alive with authenticity is risky.  "If I say what I really think, people will leave!" But if you don't live in a way that truly suits you, something inside leaves, all of your relationships suffer and, in a way, you die . . . until you learn what lights your eyes and find ways to achieve it. And communicate it in a way that pulls your partner to you.  

My sessions highlight collaboration and authenticity, important elements of my style.  And our collaboration can help you to recover yours--the way of being alive that works best for you!  Being alive with authenticity--being YOU--is everything!  All success springs from this, including your happiness and vibrant, even thrilling relationships!”  

Randy Herman offers a free consultation by phone or in person.  

San Diego office convenient to Carmel Valley, Del Mar, 
Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas and Carlsbad.